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tv   Headline News  RT  June 3, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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rage against the regime police continue about crime down on protests now into the fool's day of demonstrators bent fury at what they call and sorry terry and got them with. us on the front of grantley mining goes on trial facing a possible one hundred fifty four years in prison for blowing the whistle on the ledge to wrongdoings of the american army and i'm sure prosecutors view as aiding the enemy. and crossing the rubicon as o.c. becomes because global t.v. channel to have scored a one billion you tube views will look at some of our online video hates you like what was.
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this is all see coming to life for most and welcome to the ball. nationwide protests in turkey are raging for a fourth day as demonstrators clashed with police in several cities protesters are demanding concessions from what they call the authoritarian regime all the prime minister and his posse going to istanbul with the latest. people are just as determined to go back out on the streets whether they work whether they go to school whether they're any other way busy with their lives no they're still out here in huge numbers especially considering the fact that we now have a first officially confirmed death that is related to protest we have to mention the fact that yes that is on sunday. when the protests were underway a group slammed into a car has slammed into the group of protesters as a result of one man has died and this is the first officially confirmed death there
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have been reports of at least two other deaths which have happened because of police brutality this is a separate entirely separate subject of course considering the fact that police have been you can see with the way they have been dispersing protests about as they use water cannons tear gas rubber bullets plastic bullets pepper spray basically all the arsenal that they have it's going all against the protesters which are now of course the protests are now spreading old over turkey the major ones that. are in of course in the. happening all over the place but of course the epicenter all the entire action remains gezi park and it seems square people are out there at this point the prime minister erdogan is out of the country right now but he did earlier the protesters alcoholics extremists and. they are
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basically polluting the city and said that they are undermining the principles of democracy by going out in the streets in rather protest most of them are peaceful protests that is despite the has already gone in to pressure from several human rights groups and several countries which were saying that the crackdown on protesters in such a brutal way is really not acceptable. underwear led talks a turkish position and b i could to add to has been al demonstrating an instable he says the brutal methods of the police have turned peaceful ronnie's into nationwide was heads which could eventually lead to a civil war. to protect the trains and the far right proportional use of. violence by the police. probably demonstration all around my country do you think you know. anything useful demonstration democracy ration and the police using excellent violence
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on the. people teenagers. are using as well but you know what will happen next day because our prime minister is. being sulking and he's trying to think. is part of the college and people are. angry and angry and angry because he is using get mylan language and doesn't want to stop. the link party is taking neverland never contact. him poking into it is no democratic means being the problem and it may turn into the broader. group and secular middle class. it's not. for the. human rights groups including on the
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scene to national have also slammed the police brutality and an excessive use of force is can all have these cells and a human find some of the images in his report a standing. water cannons do gas and rubber bullets what started as an environmental protest provoked a full scale showed force from the police footage shows disoriented protesters slammed into the pavement by powerful water cannons and often the water's yellow because these are deliberately mixing in pepper spray people who are down on the ground trying to return to their senses here a young woman appears to be having a seizure and the police in action aid the people. resist against all this while. they never just act while. they don't use anywhere else but the police attacked severely using excessive
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force i wouldn't call that excessive force it amounts to torture actually similar footage is coming from around forty cities and towns across turkey there are claims the police are deliberately pumping tear gas into residential homes these are among the most violent protests turkey's seen in decades each day more people are wondering whether the government remembers turkey is a democratic republic. my daughter was beaten because of what she was wearing because her attackers were affiliated with the government the police stood by and did nothing this protests this not only for some gezi park is the. policy of government under pressure. for. for about ten years but according to prime minister erdogan the government is the one being oppressed he slammed the broadest as and he democratic and illegitimate accusing those on the streets of being extremists organized by outside forces but protests
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on this scale take on the legitimacy of their own and human rights organizations are already severely criticizing the government's actions he would be r.t. . and istanbul based jason jones says the facilities have thrown overwhelmingly brutal force against a largely peaceful movement. people throwing stones and yes there have been people lighting fires the same things that have been in all mass demonstrations that that are sort of uncontrolled like this one seems to be however i would say that the bulk of the people that are there are simply stating their their grievances they're not there to to start fights the the the protesters are often the victims of the violence of the attacks by the police directly it's not the other way around it's not as if the protesters are and. instigating this violence. and roughly produce a. fresh clashes are also taking place and she is joining us now over the phone
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live with the latest. on the protests escalating there. yeah. yeah. yeahs can you tell us what you're seeing now on the streets away ya. right now i'm going one of our. i. mean even they have been prepared for the last day right now to call it. a guide to the protests old mainly were just flags and turkish flags right now we were kind of moving backwards but the police had subtly circling that to them from different directions so they don't like to be trapped as a rock kind of. thing that my people are
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going to get. stronger harder because right now most of the people i was he saw not natured and young people the ones protecting these monday. and pellets know how she's reacting on what's going on that. people are getting really angry and that's what they have been calling the green although they they are not going to come they're going to continue protesting for the upcoming they got leave and we presume. that's something i can fix even if they make their own because now. the country i was actually quite moved to a moral code area and to be easier for me things over there so they think that that kind of are. that's not right for the count because he could be should be here
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so i just think that he has been doing kind of payment. for here protesting not only that. said that. he wants the majority of the population one thing that we can just. are not. going to be on the streets to protest the security of the country country. we're putting about police using excessive force what can you say about that. couric when required. we heard reports about the police using excessive force on the streets over turkish cities can you tell us about that.
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any. crane. people that. we're. roughly producer from thank you very much and earlier i heard about the latest on the financial side of the turkish press from our cheese business presenter katie fielding let this. market the investors the allison not be happy about it and they were welcomed but their desk this morning with the downfall of six percent on the main turkish stock index of scars bonds are concerned so in selling debt debts they've actually spurred. by the most it's two thousand and nine which is very significant indeed so really the debt is a few more ted talks like these protests are awful and obviously the reaction of
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the markets seems to be quite logical but when we talk about and when we see the protests in the euro when to stand up they are very sort of economically release it because yes because of both counts there and let's look at turkish economy it looks really yeah it looks there to go to her to you know is and i guess in cyprus you're right only in comparison it is very strong the deed has actually been posting on average five percent growth since about two thousand and one can tell you since two thousand and one growth of that she quadrupled here we go you can see if you're self evident to see so we've got this strong growth going on just hit particularly high in two thousand and four they've managed to keep that right here this is the financial crisis which affected most of the globe they did plummet four point eight percent just that but what is impressive is the resilience just hair that they demonstrated just fighting back with nine point two percent right here we're looking at stable growth of the economy is performing well and we can say that it
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was relatively unscathed by the financial crisis which as you say it's in stark contrast to what is happening in europe as to why the process of going over. this is on c.n.n. still ahead in the program reaching a milestone as aussies you tube passed historic billion views mark a look at some of our viewers if you like the best that's right after the break. technology innovation. developments around russia. the future of harvard. sometimes you see
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a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't have time for is a big. download you. so choose your life stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television well it just doesn't matter how would your mobile device you can watch your t.v. anytime anywhere.
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this is all c welcome bonk the trial of the american whistleblower bradley manning who hunted classified ministry data so we can be on the way in maryland the all the private faces a list of charges among them aiding the enemy which could land him in prison for the rest of his life confident how small. it was a video that shocked the world footage of a u.s. apache helicopter killing twelve iraqi civilians including two journalists collateral murder the cold blooded brutality of the occupation captured on film it was leaked by young american soldier army private bradley manning the video was uploaded to wiki leaks but it would prove to be just the tip of the iceberg the former army intelligence analyst leaked more than seven hundred thousand documents containing classified information to that was still blowing website they included reports of torture abuse higher than acknowledge some. casualty is in short an
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unvarnished view of america's wars now known as the afghanistan and iraq war logs in may arrest seeking approval for his actions manning began a dialog with a hacker named adrian levo chat logs that turned over to the government leading to manning's arrest and subsequent confinement now what came next was what proved to be one of the longest military pretrial detentions of a u.s. soldier since the vietnam war bradley manning was held in maximum security solitary confinement in a cell his attorney says was no bigger than six by eight feet and as the number of charges grew against manning to twenty two he was allowed to plead guilty to ten lesser charges this in exchange for a maximum sentence of sixteen years now by december two thousand and twelve when he took the stand to testify about the conditions that he endured he had been in confinement for more than one thousand days now the freedom of the press foundation broke court perscribe rules it released bradley manning's explanation of his action
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in his own words to the public today june third bradley manning's court martial will pursue the remaining more serious charges including aiding the enemy judging by what manning has already said that are a prisoner of a maximum security facility and a hostage to your conscience of course the question of whether the young man will spend the rest of his life in prison will be answered at this trial. and to speak more of the trial that's now way we're now joined live by political campaign. thank you very much indeed for joining us here on r.t. some people praise bradley manning for mining for exposing america's dog secrets other people call him a traitor and blame him for endangering the nation where do you stand. what do you think there's any evidence that any of the leaks that bradley manning is allegedly responsible for have caused any harm to the united states government
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or military what they have caused is embarrassment because they're exposed war crimes crimes against humanity human rights abuses and diplomatic double speak where these cables reveal one thing which contradicts what the united states government was officially saying so it really is all about embarrassment and i think you go to the people have a moral duty to blow the whistle on human rights abuses that's what bradley manning has done. his still did plead guilty to handing out those state secrets to weaken leaks and therefore putting troops and citizens at tryst so what kind of punishment from your point of view he deserves should he face well i want to reiterate there is no evidence that his leaks have caused any harm in fact the united states has tacitly admitted that but nevertheless the tradition of whistle blowing is an
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honorable one governments are supposed to be accountable to the people and that's what bradley manning sought to do to make the u.s. government and military accountable to the american people a government by the people of the people for the people the people have a right to know that's all he did now. i think that technically he has broken the law that is true but i would hope that the judge would be very lenient in the sentence because bradley manning did not do this to endanger u.s. security he did it to expose human rights abuses and that is an honorable thing and i hope that the sentence will be mild perhaps at maximum a few years imprisonment because at the end of the day bradley manning is a true patriot he is a patriot in the sense he is not unquestioningly following u.s.
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government policy he is being critical and thoughtful in the tradition of the good soldier the good soldier who does not blindly follow orders but which has our higher calling to morrow and conscience bradley manning sought to follow his conscience top hold human rights and i think those are honorable motives and the tragedy is in this trial he is not being allowed to admit as evidence his motives he quite clearly wasn't trying to aid the enemy or to damage the united states he was trying to uphold human rights and that motivation is being ruled out of his trial although he will be able to raise it in his defense during the sentencing but that's never us but i think it's very very unfair to exclude his honorable moti this trial comes amid times when the u.s. government seen making other steps against freedom of speech how do you see washington's policy is. evolving the upcoming future. well of
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course on the one hand president obama is saying that whistle blowing to expose injustice and abuse is a good thing but the other hand his administration is cracking down on whistleblowers and bradley manning is just one of many bristle blowers who have been prosecuted in increasing zeal by the obama administration and as we all know in a democracy the people have a right to know in government secrecy is a bad thing the government ought to be transparent want to be accountable to the people in this very trial itself this is all about state secrets and yet the trial itself is being conducted in secret those key witnesses and key evidence that will be admitted in closed session where the public will not have a right to know and this just reinforces i think bradley manning's case that the u.s. government needs to be more accountable transparent and answerable to the american
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people are right ok and also manning was arrested three years ago why do you think it took the government so long to build a case against him. i think that's because the case against him is not that strong. if you can see that bradley manning acted to uphold the u.s. constitution. the duty of u.s. soldiers to abide by international humanitarian law if you accept those principles it is very hard to build a strong case against it in fact it's hard to build a case at all and i think that this concoction of evidence. gathering all these witnesses gathering all this evidence together has taken a long time precisely because the case again is not clear aiding the enemy i mean this is quite absurd there was nothing in those leaks that gave any material
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to all tied up or to any other enemy only thing those leaks did was embarrassed the u.s. government. tatchell human rights campaigner mr touchett thank you very much indeed for sharing your views with us. and we've also been following the developments in the case of bradley manning on our web site so log on to our c dot com to find all the latest and here's a quick taste of what else is waiting for you there right now. disaster in the air at twice the rate solve the doors and walls of our warehouse in the u.s. state of missouri had to r.t. dot com. you tube channel i should say to watch this extraordinary footage from america's suffering at the hands of extreme weather. and also mother nature is also working in mysterious ways elsewhere just a click away take a virtual trip to russia siberia west nile has blinded the region at the very
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beginning of summer check out this stunning pictures on a you tube see right now. it's specter. killer videos like these that you watched on huge chub helping us become the first global news channel to reach one billion online and at eight hundred g.m.t. his cabin only looks at the ones which proved most popular over the years to reach that incredible milestone and here's a quick teaser. well if ever there was proof that pictures drive your interests is certainly something that captivated millions of the globe when you saw this. dramatic video watched on our you tube channel more than sixty million times it was a huge hit it was also a time of course when the world found out how many russians use those dash cams to
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record at a second's notice as you can see here pictures that would be world headline makers the truly global stories that captured your attention with the wave of mass protest movements around the world over the last couple of years how correspondents were always in the thick of it sometimes so much so they were caught up in it. i. read here is complete mayhem around us through what you in a day keep telling keep filming and it was images like these as the world watched helplessly that became the most watched topic on artie's you tube channel it wasn't just the scale of the earthquake and tsunami that shocked the world but then also the catalogue of failures and accidents at the fukushima nuclear plant which resulted in the worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl artie's correspondence film to the fukushima area as those explosions struck some of the reactors we all recall as pictures crippling the cooling systems and triggering melt.
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gives a artie's youtube channel rocketing to a billion views from the world's beera to finally disasters two events that continue to change our lives join me kevin zero in for more on how you've helped make our t. the first global news channel to reach you chub billion. two suspects charged with worsening murdering a soldier in london have appeared in a separate court during his first hearing in westminster one of the south they demanded. paid be called by his muslim name while holding a copy of the koran both claim that time was revenge for british military campaigns in muslim countries and associate editor at the guardian newspaper seamus milne says such attacks are something intelligence agencies have been warning about since nine eleven obviously those politicians who support the word terror and introduce
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your question of afghanistan and interventions in other muslim countries don't want to be held responsible for that so what they do is they say it's got nothing to do with it we must listen to what the perpetrators say about why they carrying out these attacks i mean when britain and the united states invaded afghanistan after nine eleven it was said by critics and by the intelligence services that this country and the united states that launching war was in occupations of countries like afghanistan and iraq will meet and will reduce the threat of terrorism it will increase and spread it and that's exactly what's happened. and some other world news in brief for you this hour a suicide bombing has killed at least thirteen people including ten schoolchildren and two u.s. troops in a through afghanistan a bomber on a motorbike detonated explosives at a busy market in the province while an american patrol was passing by the country has seen there was no signs of suicide bombings targeting government facilities and
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international past and now this comes as afghanistan prepares for the twenty fourteen nato was draw. scientist slaughterhouse has claimed the lives of at least one hundred twelve people in northern china more than three hundred were in the building when the fire broke out in the early hours of the morning and only about a third man i says cape leaving school still unaccounted for reports suggest the exits were not trapping what is inside the biting pelting. coming out after the break it's debate crosstown.
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new york magistrate judge gary brown has ruled that it's ok to track people's location via their cell phone the judge supports his decision by saying that there is no legitimate expectation of privacy in the perspective of a cellular telephone where the individual has failed to protect his privacy but kicking the simple expedient of powering it off this statement seems to hint that cell phones are some sort of luxury and that people are just too lazy to turn off their phones when they want privacy this ignores the fact that there are many people who have to be on call twenty four seven like surgeons and server technicians these people can't just turn off their phones so does that mean that certain professions can't have privacy also this presumption that people have no expectation of privacy what about people who send images of text messages of a sexual nature to each other joy i think that all these people just assume it's all public goods i don't think so the fourth amendment says that people have the right to be secure in their persons houses papers and effects and i'm pretty sure that's cover cell phones too but that's just my.


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